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March 17th, 2005 at 01:54 pm

VOOM is from Dr seuss 'the cat in the hat comes back'

Ok so the two shows I actually go out of my way to watch are LOST and ALIAS, they come on right after another or I prolly wouldn't watch Alias. But the terrible thing is that WifeSwap comes on right after Alias, and that is a train wreck. Fortunatly my husband is there to step in front of the screen and rescue me, but last night I was busy yelling at the screen so he left me there a bit longer than normal.

They had a workaholic mom and a treehouse mom. Now there is nothing wrong with a mother working, sombody has to bring home the bacon, And there is nothing wrong with a stay home mom, somebody has to watch the kids, and my vote is for a family person. BUT I was irritated at the stay home mom, because my role is not to 'keep everyone happy' I am not a paid entertainer, I love my family and we all find ways to stay happy together. I am not a Washerwoman, we share the laundry responsibilities in my house. I am not a Short order cook, we share the fun and work of food around here, I am not a ...well you get the picture, I know they prolly go out of there way to edit the wives extream, and they hunt up the more extream, but I still get so irritated at it. (and I really hould go look up how to spell extream)

So why is this titled VOOM? Cause the world needs more VOOM Voices Of Opposing Moderation. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing, but I have no idea why people see so much of the world in black or white, how about some shades of grey? There are a lot of shades of grey and you can still get into a debate about things within the grey. So I think it would still sell, but prolly not as much as the extream stuff.

Anyway I would be interested in lots of moderate ideas on lots of troubles. How about instead of hearing how you have to either ship your kids off for 6 hours a day or refuse to teach them at all, how about some reasonable alternatives? For the most part I can teach my own, but eventually I will run out of knowledge to share, what do I do then?

Generally in America the only option left is to ship them off to school. If I can teach my kid to read and do math in under an hour every day, why do I want to suddenly dump them in 6 or more hours when I run out of knowledge? My only hope is they will be total self learners or that I can teach my old self some new tricks by then. But I really wish there were more teachers willing to teach in the home, instead of wasting 6 or more hours. (No insult intended to any mass school teachers, of course you need 6 hours when you have 30 kids)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! Princess, the only talk show that I consider really helps people is one called "Hablemos claro con el Padre Alberto", which is hosted by a catholic priest. Now, what I like about the show is precisely that it presents moderate people (also, eventhough he is a priest, and always will present the view of the Catholic church, he is never dismissing of others' values/views) His guests are never insulted or made to feel bad, the panelists are never mean...he allows the public to ask respectful questions (their tone shouldn't be judgemental or mean, but they are pretty much allowed to ask anything they want!). I only get to watch it occasionally, because of the schedule, though!

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