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Where else to cut

March 21st, 2005 at 01:35 pm

K so aside from the vices I don't consder vices, like kids. I am at the end of my cutting rope. I have cable internet and hot showers, and using my dryer. That seems to be it. I could attack the grocery budget better than I did yesterday, but realy The most expensive thing was chicken, and I can't go vegetarian. (cravings) So I don't think I really overspent on any one thing, I just bought a lot of things. I guess the cheerios were prolly expensive, but a really perfect breakfast.

Wonder how long it takes to wash below the bottom hair in a cold shower?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don't Stress!! We all get to a point where we wonder what's left to cut. My recommendation: go through your budget (assuming you have one) line item by line item and think about creative ways to attack each category. 1) Maybe it's been a while since you checked out your phone plan/cell phone plan/internet plan, etc. and could find cheaper plans since the last time you looked. (I just cut $6 off my AOL bill each month by extending my term for another year).
    2) Same with auto insurance/house insurance/term life insurance. Try or just shop around yourself. What if you raise your deductibles/get rid of collision and comprehensive (depending on how old your car is).
    3) Do your utilities give you different rates if you use them during off-peak hours? I'm not sure if they do that in NC - they don't in NJ where I am. It may be worth doing laundry/running dishwasher during off-peak times.
    4) If you just did your taxes and are getting money back, maybe you could change your withholding to get a few extra bucks in your paycheck each month (there are calculators for figuring this out)
    5) I'm a huge proponent of buying gift cards through EBAY. I use them for gas (Exxon/Mobil), house stuff (Home Depot/Lowes) and birthday/baby/wedding presents (Discovery Store, Linens N Things, Toys R Us). As long as you are only buying cards for stuff that you need to buy anyway, it's a good deal. For me, my "gift" category is always soooo high, between kids' birthday parties, relatives' events (weddings, baptisms, etc.) and Christmas. Gift cards are really helping me with this category, and I haven't had a problem yet (knock wood).

    Also, I find that I need to transfer any $$ I save into a special savings account, otherwise my "checkbook sponge" soaks them up! Do you have an account at ING? I got one through Jeffrey here, and got a $25 bonus for opening it. Then, I can refer my husband (and kids - thanks ArmyWife) and I get $10 each and they get $25 each. You can use the multiple savings accounts the way ArmyWife uses her envelopes (great strategy). If you only want one account, open theirs long enough to keep the award (I think 30 days) then close them. That's $95 right there for you, your husband, and daughter. Also, since learning about this, my regular bank did a similar thing, and other banks in my area are offering as well. It doesn't take very long, and is an easy way to make a couple of bucks.

    If after all of this, you're still having trouble, keep doing what you're doing, and stay on the lookout for somebody else's good idea that you haven't heard about yet. (That's how I found out about the EBAY gift card thing and the ING thing). And know that the steps you've already taken are better than doing nothing, and opportunities will present themselves if you just keep looking...Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for some really good ideas.

    I bugged my DH about trying to change the witholding. I asked him earlier but I had forgotten to pesteer him.

    I already have the cheapest plan on everything, (or I don't have it) except possibly the insurance, but the car is pretty new and we owe a lot so I don't think we can drop any of that.

    We don't have the utility peak/off peak thing in my area, unless I was a buisness and used a lot.

    I do have to go open those accounts form Ing, I want to start putting the kids money in there, thanks for the reminder.

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