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Easter stuff

March 29th, 2005 at 02:06 pm

We went to target and got next years easter stuff for the cousins and grandma. And I thought to myself, why not for our kids, reason, no junky toys for mine! I don't want to have to clean them out in a couple months! Anyway we have to store the stuff for the year but we have to store the baskets and the stuff fits nicly inside. It was a total of 11$ for 4 kids and one grandma. Not to bad.

I also talked to my DH about the whole, one for everyone, and I am not going to go that route with mine, some things like shoes you gotta have one each, some like toys nope no way am I going to do that. What about the next kid and the one after? Suppose I do continue at my rate of birthing and end up with a huge family, am I going to have to find room to store 6 (or worse) of everything! Just not happening here, my kids will have to share.

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