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April 6th, 2005 at 12:26 pm

Well DD made it the better part of a mile, pure guestimate on that mile, I know it is 1/4 mile to neighbors and we went past that cross the bigger road and back into the community for a walk least the distance of her house (prolly more). Anyway I figure I'll borrow a pedometer or whatever those things to measure that sort of thing eventually, before I try to get htem to wak all the way to the park. actually DS made it with no troubles and so did I rather happy with that.)

Unfortunatly we have to spend money today we have to get some food, and extra food for Sundays birthday part, still no idea what to cook. We also have to spend loot on a bday present, I don't want to get him much but all we have is a clock, he will like it, but it isn't quite cool enough for a whole birthday. Oh and we made him a treasure map, we have to put some sort of treasure at the X.

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