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Garden, and bday

April 9th, 2005 at 11:24 am

Well God has been doing a wonderful job of watering my grass and carrots, so I don't have to Smile

Bad news is the DW is busted Frown

Good news my DS is turning 3 today! It is officially the day, and I am the only one up. But last night I managed to get his presents wrapped, MIL gave him some loot and we used it to buy black sheet set (really odd kid I know but he will love it Smile.) and we might use the rest to go out to eat at the ice skating rink tonight, sould be able to get dinner for us all for around 8 bucks, which is a lot more than the 2$ in pnut butter sandwhiches and drinks we usually pack, but it is his birthday! Terryaki chiken is a cool bday present (and I don't have to wrap it Smile.)

He is also getting his first lego set (not that physical of a kid, but we are testing the foollow directions part, and it is a pirate boat. I'll let you knw what he thinks)

And a clock, did I mention he was an odd kid? He will like it I am sure. It is digital and I know a lot of people think kids should learn analog before digital, but he can't count by 5s yet, he does know all the numbers up to 100 fairly well. So he can read the digital one now. And we do have analog clocks in DDs room (wel actually it is in DSs room but that wil change) and in the bathroom. So he will get a chance to read them later. BEst feature of the clock, it has a picture of the outline of the USA on it Smile kid will love that, and it has daddys work logo on it (was free from work BTW Smile.)

And what I think will be his best present is a treasure map that we made out of a brown grocery bag soaked in soysauce(darken it) and then oiled, and then burnt (next time I think I will burn before the oil, oil paper burns funny) and then pressed to make the folds stay. I was worried at first cause after burning it was VERY stiff and I thought it would crack instead of fold, but I re-oiled it an then slowly bent it and it managed to stay intact (thou a crack or two just adds to the old cooness of it)

Anyway the map leads to a spot in the backyard where we buried some gold coins (in a plastic box), and a few other things he will like, some glass flat marbles, a necklace of dads he has been eying, a ring of dads, and one of mine for DD (she is one figure she needs something) And a few other things that he will like. 5$ in gold coins, which he will use the next time we go to a renfest, he loves giving the oney himself (well he loves holding it) and we like that a coin is eaisier to keep track of and doesn't rip in a klutzy kids hands.

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