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Party today

April 10th, 2005 at 01:40 pm

Well we are going to buy pizza for the party, I just couldn't feed that many people something that DS likes, it is after all his birthday. But we are having him pay for it, so when grandmas money comes in it goes back to us for groceries.

We had great time last night, dinner was 14 instead of 8 but still very good, and the cost was cause of DKs being voracious eaters, along side of Mom and dad Smile.

Skating we found out DD is big enough to skate! she did great with daddy but it will be a looong time before mommy can help her (I am not very good skating) DS actually let go of me for a bit, I was so proud of him, he fell several times and there was no trouble with that, he laughed and got right back up again Smile. DD kept saying 'ice ice' every time DH tried to take a break, it is a lot of hard work holding up a 16 month old on the ice!

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