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Ouch, but fun

April 11th, 2005 at 11:48 am

Do you know how much pizza for 14 costs? A lot, though we did have coupons and we did get cheap pizza, it was still alot.

But we had fun, the kids haed fun, even my SIL who isn't to fond of us had fun for most of it Smile. DS got to dig up the treasure which the kids thought was pretty cool, and noone was too rude or anything, one niece asked to play on the computer 5 minutes before they went home, and one nephew played his handheld game thing for part of the party (and then left it out where my toddler or preschooler could find it, not smart)

We made baloon 'lightsabers' hightech pirate I guess. I already had the ballons and air pump from ages ago. We tried to convince DS to use a cutlass to be more piraty, but he wanted the lightsaber, oh well he is three Smile. The other kids had fun making hats and other stuff from the ballons, but one of them broke my air pump, Frown not happy bout that.

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