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BJs again

April 26th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

DH took DS while DD and I napped, man it is impossible to recover from the trip! I still have a headache!

But we got some much needed stuff and with DH making a trip to the grocery store we should be done for groceries for the week hopefully under the 75 we have been aiming for. Now that my stockpiles are gone I had to up the weekly spending to 75 (ok baby 3 has something to do with it) but still is better than the 100 or more we used to be spending.

Got the CC bill yesterday and it was really cool to see the new total so dramatically different due to the income tax return, I know it wouldn't have been so high if we had been using the money thru the year, but then again I didn't wake up and smell the debt till around october ish, whenever I joined here shortly before that. So it prolly would have been that high. Next year we are not looking at much money from the govt at all, DH changed his number claimed and now we have nothing taken out going to the feds. which bothers him a lot, but I think with the addition of another kid we need the money, and we always get ALL of what we send back.

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