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Base hotel cost

April 27th, 2005 at 12:02 pm

So I did some calculating and with eating out extra (no fridge or stove to take advantage of) It is looking around 400$ for a two day trip, a lot more than the break even we are used to. DH and I talked and we will only be able to do that once, which will be closer to 500, cause if we are only going once we are going when the renfest is in town whihc means we need an extra day, ugh.

I was thinking buying a tent would be soooo much cheaper, but so far as I know the closes camp grounds are like 2 hours away, and asking DH to drive 2 hours on top of the 7 to get to pgh is just a bit much. Sucks. Remind me when I am a MIL to tolorate anything short of abuse with NO COMMENT!

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