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last minute shopping

May 16th, 2005 at 12:10 pm

So there was nothing in the closet, had to go shopping, found the gift (DS picked it out) for 9$ perfectly in our range, but then you have to add the 3$ bag (forgot one from home) 1$ for tissue paper, (again forgot) and 4$ for the card (forgot to get kids to make one) Hate last minute shopping.

We also got suckered into two starwars cereals, not like we don't eat them, but they are more expensive than toast, or english muffins or bagels (our usual fare)

plus salsa that we needed (I aam no good at making it) and some new kind of pringles (that we didn't need) and some old kind for me since there is no way I was making it much onger without food (and forgot to pack) oh and a christmas preasent for DS or DD, good price and on sale. And water shoes, not on sale, not a great price, but very important around here (DS's shoes have already been waterlogfged twice from washing the car.)

Then on the way home (late of course) we had to stop for food (which we should have packed knowing we would be late), cranky parents, and sleeping kids, drove around in a circle to let them sleep (DS needed it to make up for the hockey game) so we were even later for dinner, got burgers for 17$

all told my oh so frugal gift of 9$ cost us 70$! (BTW she liked it)

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