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Shelf and wax

May 17th, 2005 at 12:12 pm

DH found all the stuff needed to put one shelf in DSs room (was leftover when we were going to put 3 in DDs room) and I went thru some books and got rid of 2 whole boxes! amazing since I love books. His shelf isn't near big enough for the remailing 7 but I put all the younger readers and the cartoon books (snoopy, bit silly of me I know) plus a couple that I was in the mood to reread. (the books his age are in DDs room on her shelf.)

I managed to rewash and wax the trunk, plus rainX the back window. Which means the whole top of the car is done, all that is left is the sides. I am pretty happy about me doing the car in small segments. (thanks flylady Smile.)

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