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May 18th, 2005 at 01:33 pm

You know these groceries come up EVERY week! I know you got to eat, but I am so hoping to reign in the spending. WE need potatoes and ramen noodles, so the spending should be low, then tomorrow we are going to BJs and that well dunno how bad that will be, but all we need (all we ever need) is milk eggs bread and this time beef bullion. So hoping that is all we get, oh and another thing of laundry detergent. I hate storing a billion extras, one is cool, even two since we are almost out and will be replacing the one on the dryer (I know lousy spot for it, but it fits)

Also found a book old old book with recopies for homemade cosmetics, I am adding bath oil to the list of stuff to make for Christmas and birthdays and I might try the recipe for some of the stuff that looks like it acts as hair gel (book is so old written before hair gel) Also says adding an egg and gelatin to cheap shampoo makes a better shampoo than the most expensive out there, but it was written long before Pantine came out.

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