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BJs and Starwars and DRs

May 20th, 2005 at 12:14 am

Actually that is backwards, first was the Drs for DD 18 months so we got lots of shots, but now we are all done till she is 4! I am happy about that. Unfortunatly I had to argue wiht the billing lady to even get her to check about the mistakes in the copays and then she would only check the one I had the insurance statement on me for. I really hate that I have to hunt up all the insurance statements since January to make sure they arn't billing us all wrong, by our guestimates we have enough credit from overpaying each visit for today to be free but she would only look at one visit so we only got 6$ off. Not cool at all.

Then we went to the Library, quick stop still owe 9$ from before I knew about online renewal, and got 15 more books, then the mall for packed pb sandwiches, and fries (the fries are the reward for finishing the hated pb, well hated by me)

Then it was off to starwars, really a spur of the moment decision, we never go see new movies, but we really wanted to see the Starwars while on the big screen and since DD was asleep we figured it would work, we were only slightly wrong. And we used our aniversary money so no actual out of pocket. Sortof.

THen DS reminded us we stil had to go to BJs, but the good news we were a little over 50, which included cat liter and cat food (stray had kittens and wants us to kitten sit, ugh, but cute)

All told and expensive day, but mostly neccessary or worth it. (though dude is too short to be Vader)

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