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May 31st, 2005 at 12:03 pm

DS did his first ever homework last night!!!!!!! My boy is growing up! He did a great job and did it all independantly and everything. Ok so Daddy had to help him figure out that the picture of a firecracker bursting was 'pop' but DS wrote it all and everything. I could even read it Smile.

Oh money wise, I sent a lot of money to the CC leaving us with only 300$ for groceries for 3 weeks, sounds fine, but lately we havn't been doing that well, so we might me squeaking by then. But I thought about leaving more and decided since nothing else seems to be bringing the groceries under budget, maybe a lack of money will.

That will be the last big drop for the CC for quite awile, we used up what we are willing to of our savings, and have cut out everything we could. We also sold most all what we are willing to (a laptop and a computer) so we are going to have to pay the CC off for quite some time Frown.

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