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Heat busters for kids

June 7th, 2005 at 11:25 am

Well DD and DS are not much for complaining, but the sweat rimmed face speaks volumes. I let them play with a 'little mini blower' that DH got for use on computers instead of canned air. The best fun for 4 disposable batteries Smile. (and they're not dead yet)

I also let DD play with the water spray bottle, I use it on their hair (curly, never comb dry curly hair!), and she only managed to get it to work partway, so I wasn't worried about my floor getting wet. Ds is to good with it, so he gets a much shorter turn.

We also started moving the kitchen tower fan into DDs bedroom for naps and right at bedtime (we take it out before we go to sleep). And we are leaving windows cracked at night DH hates that, I am totally used to it)

I mentioned to DH the difference between his heat tolerance and mine, I never had air till he moved in with me, so I was always totally used to dealing with heat, he is a bit spoiled. He decided to make it thru the month (our goal, no air till July) he will have to 'toughen up Smile. Poor guy. Though he does get to work in airconditioning all day.

2 Responses to “Heat busters for kids”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Isn't that funny - my BF and I are the same way. I never had air conditioning, and he always did, so his tolerance seems a bit lower than mine, too! Good luck keeping those kids cool...popsicles, anyone?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Smile since they are so klutzy, we insist those be outside and right before the shower, but man are they good!

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