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by the time Im 40

June 11th, 2005 at 11:21 am

that thread about the Microsoft dude got me thinking, what do I want by the time I am 40?

First I am old! 40 isn't that far away, I am already halfway there! Ok so Im not that old, but halfway to delivery of a baby is cool, halfway to 40 is ugh.

Anyway what I want, not much, to be debt free including the house and car, though I imagine it will be a different car unless we have no more kids. (we have a sedan, seats 3 kids, pregnant with my third kid Smile.)

Pretty modest goal, but I am not sure we will make it Frown. We have the CC to pay off, then this car to turn around, then the house. Which at our current rate will be paid off in almost 30 years (30 year loan minus 3 years) Which is a loooooong time, even if we pay off the cc and start adding 100 to the house it still wont reduce the time by that much Frown.

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