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Babys shower

June 19th, 2005 at 11:35 am

well we made it, and no one went terribly hungry.

There was lunch there, and we all ate some, then around dinner time we got the kids to eat some mac and cheese and my wonderful DH went back out to the car for more variety of snacks since he was worried about me. But the trouble was meat, I was craving meat and anything less made me puky, blame it on baby3 Smile

Anyway we stopped on the way home for burgers, which helped since DH needed caffine, and the drinks we packed were no longer cold (I didn't expect them to be, to long) so it got real food in him and I.

I was reminded again how I hated my mothers attitude about food. She sat her kid down for green beans at 1pm, and then he scarfed all our food for the rest of the evening, and no mention of dinner was made by anyone other than DH and I, but plenty of 'honest we do feed these kids' well when. I seem to be the one feeding them! (no way a kid will sit for a 'real' dinner with that kindof disctraction so ofcourse I gave lots of snacks.

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