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June 26th, 2005 at 12:06 pm

I feel like an idiot but I really really really want some shelves, 4 in my bedroom and 4 in the living room to hopefully store the books that I am not getting rid of, but that would run around 60$ Frown and really shouldn't I want to send 60 if I had it to the CC, not for some shelves?

But I don't I want my shelves, I want my living room to have a clean uncluttered look, and I can't get that while I still have the stuff stacked to the ceiling, and no I can't toss DHs CDs, or the computer stuff, nor can I find another spot for computer paper, and so on. But 4 shelves over the couch would be perfect.

In the bedroom I want to move my ceder chest away from the window, specially since we still havn't turned the air on so the window is open all night, and I don't want my ceder chest ruined by rain, not that it hasn't seen it's fair share or wear and tear, but I would like to reduce the risk. Only the only spot availible for it is where the bookcase is, and I want the bookcase gone, replaced by shelves, that would be so nice and high out of BBY3s reach! (by the time BBY3 is here, I am sure DD could climb that high, if she can't already, but she knows not to touch the shelves in easy reach so I figure a transfer would be easy.)

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