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garage in use!

July 11th, 2005 at 11:47 am

We can fit the car in the garage!!!!!!!!!

Now all I have to do is convince DH to put it there, I think for Christmas I will mention to his parents that we are looking into a garage door opener, between what they normally spend on him and the cash he gets it should be enough and then he will be more likely to use the garage, I also think I will try to know when he pulls in the driveway and run out and open the garage door for him.

We also went to the pool again, DS and DD are awesome in the pool now, fear is mostly gone from DS and he loves challenging what he can do, which leaves us a little worried, since he isn't strong enough to tread water all that well or long, but I don't want to turn his love of meeting challenges back into panic, so we stay as close as possible and pray nothing bad happens.

Dinner was 'giant chicken nuggets' which is breaded chicken patties, we microwaved them at home wrapped them in foiil and a towel and ate them at the pool, worked out pretty well and is expanding my list of what to eat at the pool.

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