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Speaking of stress

August 2nd, 2005 at 12:50 pm

Ugh,so bad news on DHs job, the account is moving, but not us. This has happened before and he has always still had a job, maybe it is the pregnancy hormones or something, but this time I am really really worried about him being out of work. right before or right after BBY3 is here.

At least this comes after we finally get the budget 'in the black' but we do have that CC bill that I think I am going to have to up the speed on paying off. I have been kindof lazy (can you call it lazy when I busted my arse to get back in the black?) Thinking that a few luxuries would be ok, and the CC would just take a yer to pay off, but mainly stress free. Well since I am already stressed, maybe paying it off sooner will ease some stress, so if he does lose the job we will have a clean slate to start with. Course I am guessing whatever we have to do for the interum will make a new CC bill, but I would rather start as close to zero as possible.

So now what do I do to pay it off faster?

No more dryer? but no clotheline allowed Frown also kids are in and out of bathrooms and there wouldn't be enough room to dry towels anyway. closet has enough room for one load, but I do two a day.

Cheaper food? ok that we may be able to do, In fact DH can't go to the grocery store next week so we have to do it this week, less trips = less cash spent, I hope.

No more air? ugh the return of a 95 degree house, what fun. (done)

hmm what else?

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