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August 22nd, 2005 at 01:33 pm

Finally! boy was that a long vacation, longer than expected, cause DH got siuck at the Ren fest!, ugh.

He is better, and I have a new commitment to pester him about eating and drinking in pgh. He is an absentminded eater, forgets just how much fuel it takes to run his body, and only eats about as much as a normal person, which is not enough for a dude with a high metabolism and low blood sugar.

Found the 'bracers' that DS wanted, and a headband for DD. GMA paid for them (always giving loot to the kids) but we have got to find a way to keep drinks cool longer cause we were spending way to much on drinks (not supposed to bring your own in, but we get to take a 'diaper bag' course the kids are both PTed but that is beside the point Smile.)

Camping was a disaster, niether kid slept and worse DH didn't! I, the pregnant one with a cold, managed to sleep better than anyone else! But I have the advantage of age, plus growing up in a hot house, no air. DH on the other hand. Not so lucky.

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