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Christmas money

December 27th, 2005 at 02:50 pm

We have a generous family, on DS's side cash is a traditional gift. We will be using the cash for groceries and putting a large amount on the CC bill this month. Smile.

For the kids loot, our youngest is getting a bond to match the other twos birth band (is what we always do with baby money, or some of it) any leftover cash will go toward getting an ing account for him, we want to wait till he has the $250 to get his bonus though. (the older two already have accounts.)

DD wants to buy some hair barretts, and DS wants to buy a bathrobe, then the rest of their money will go to the ing accounts.

DS is saving for Washington DC, DD is just saving, I figure she will use some for Washington, but she isn't to particular.

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