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Checkbook update

December 28th, 2005 at 02:43 pm

I paid bills and balanced the checkbook, corrected a few math errors and it worked out right, unfortunatly since DHs pay check didn't come yet (due the first) I paid only 100 on the CC bill, it isn't due for two weeks, meaning I could have tried to remember to pay it after the 1st but...... I don't trust myself!

I also always mark what comes out automatically early, so the mortgage and first half of the months bills are aready taken out (which is all but the car and one I forget) so tecnically we arn't doing as bad as it looks. The paycheck is auto too, but I don't mark it early. I figure Murpheys law if I do it will get 'lost' or someting when I am counting on it.

Anyway sum total in the checking act is 20$, but we have cash for grocerys, 325$ which I am hoping to make last till february.

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