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Progress and prosperity

January 18th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

As my Daughter was complaining about putting her 'pretty pink panties' in the washer, I reminded her that is the only way clothes get clean. Now I do know how to handwash, I have seen in action old fashioned washboards, and a roller machine, but to me, the only way to get things clean is a washer!

Can you imagine having to handwash all of your laundry? (I did once, long ago) There is no way people would own 50 shirts if they had to handwash it all, we would not be tossing a shirt in the wash after one little spot of BQ or baby spit up! So now we have a society that feels new clothes every day are essential (myself included) being rich enough to own a washer, means you must also be rich enough to own enough clothes to wear fresh every day!

I have mad a 'mud decision' kids muddy jeans are saved to rewear in the mud the next day, I might be thought weird, but I wont have fresh mud to clean every day!

I wonder if that goes for other things to, since I am rich enough to own a dishwasher I have to be rich enough to have more dishes, I need some to use while the dishwasher is full and running!

Since I am rich enough to own a 3 bedroom house (mansion in some countries) I must be rich enough to owna vacuum, all the furniture, and 'stuff'.

As I try to 'destuff' While I do find many things I don't need, I also find many I must keep because I am 'doing well'!

Progress must have prosperity to keep people moving forward... Lucky for America we are rather rtich, only no one seems to know this.

2 Responses to “Progress and prosperity”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think our parents and grandparents always wore their clothing at least a few times before washing it... a carry-down from our European ancestry, no doubt. I'm not sure on the clothing habits of other ancestors. Wink Anyway, as U.S. Americans became more "prosperous" we started to become a more throw-away society just because we could (technology, funds, etc.). Now it seems as though many view this "one use" as a requirement for the good life. It makes no sense to me. Use it up, make it do, or do without! Smile

  2. gakline Says:

    I love these new blogs. It's great to see stuff showing up in the carnivals.

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