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January 20th, 2006 at 02:29 pm

Budget = 75
Actual = 50

But that is decieving, we only went to one store (BJ's a wharehouse club) We still need bread, and want a few other things.

I also had to buy an airtight container for flour, I had one but it only held 10lbs of flour, we buy it in 20 lb packs, so I got a dog food container thayt will hold more than 20lbs. It is a bit weird to shop in a pet food store, we have no pets! (the strays outback are not pets, they are working gals Smile, kill the rodents and keep em out!) Wanna guess the cost of one large airtight container? 18$! Ouch... kills the grocery budget.

edit to add the 40 spent on other food.

total = 90

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