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Cinnamon mess

January 26th, 2006 at 01:15 pm

Ever try to make cinnamon rolls with no recipie? It was interesting to say the least! I used a roll biscut (err bisquit, biscuit, biscit, whatever!) recipie and spread it with butter, then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar. (that is the BIG mess!) After rolling it like a jelly roll, and cutting into umm rolls Smile. I stuck it in the fridge overnight and now it is in the oven. I hope it works.

We usualy buy the ones in a can, but I really don't like the cost or the preservatives and all that, so I thought since we were out of cans, and I had time (heh, yeah well sortof time!) I would try it. It only took about 20 minutes to mix and roll, would prolly take less if I knew what I was doing. So if it tastes good I will make it a Wednesday night tradition (DH is off on Thursdays)

3 Responses to “Cinnamon mess”

  1. frugal_cheap_pants Says:

    Mmm...this sounds good....let me know how it turns out!! My 6 & 4 yr old DDs love to cook and this sounds like something they would enjoy...especially the cinnamon & sugar mess ;-)

  2. kristina moffitt Says:

    This is the way i would make rolls with my grandmother:

    make bread from scratch (hours long but if you have a bread maker have it make the bread!

    roll out flat as flat as possible, spread cinnamon, sugar and melted butter roll up like a jelly roll. If you want rolls slice and place in oiled pan and bake for about 30 mintues or until done. If you want cinnamon roll bread (my family and friends prefers this) place bread into bread pan with oil and bake until bread is done. It is messy but so much better than the store bought kind. I make it when my room mate and i have guests like New Years eve or our christmas and summer parties and dissappears so fast i usually dont get any!

  3. PrincessPerky Says:

    It turned out OK, I think I need to roll it the other way so the rolls are bigger but there are less of them. They took forever to cook. But still not to bad, the dough wasn't as sweet as the store bought, which is a good thing.

    I will definatly be making it again next week.

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