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Bettter body = more money spent!

February 13th, 2006 at 12:20 pm

I find in my life that trying to improve one area always affects another. Now I know that healthier is cheaper, less sick time. But in the short term it is more expensive. I decided to try to work out more, but it is too cold for me outside!

I know, I know, move you'll warm up. but umm, I don't wanna! or more precisly (and more excuse worthy) my kids don't want to. Wind irritates my Daughter tremendously, and quite frankly I don't blame her.

It is all well and good to prod yourself and three kids out the door for their benifit, to see the happy faces watching construction, or playing at the slides, but to hear them whine about the cold? I'll pass.

So should I go alone before or after they are awake? Err yuck! I tryed it for a time, after the kids were all abed, but I discovered cold in the middle of the day is WORSE at night. I knew that, but now I Really know it! Plus my 3 month old hardly ever goes to sleep at the same time, so I never know just how late I am stuck staying up.

This week my goal is to get up early, and work out before anyone else is up. I awoke today at 5am, all prepped, I actually dragged myself out of bed, then I thought about the cold outside and almost jumped right back in! But I persevered, and popped in a workout tape!

So why is this more money? Well the little things like electricity is one thing, lights were on (I do not want to work out in the dark!) and of course, some to run the TV/VCR,

Yep food. I can't diet. (that is a dirty word, the truth is I don't like to diet, had my fill in highschool) My excuse, is my nursing 3 month old, I have to eat to feed him. So a banana for pre-workout, a bowl of cheereos for breakfast, and I am off to a start of a full day of food. So a better body is just one more reason why our grocery budget is not shrinking like it should.

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  1. PrincessPerky Says:

    Thanks for the idea, I think I will check and see if the library has some tapes to expand the options for the rest of winter.

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