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DC eating

February 19th, 2006 at 01:42 pm

Well since that lady on Oprah could eat on 100 a day all out, I figure it is a fair estimate of what we need for DC (we will be packing some food)

And it is official DH wants to spend less time there this trip, no big we will be back.

So 100 * 4 days = 400 for eating out
Hotel 150 * 3 nights = 450
Groceries 200 (some home some there, need fast dinner when we get back!)

Wish I knew how to make it pretty and line up.

but total so far= 1050

I just need to estimate gas up and back, and any admissions fees, and souveniers. I think that is it.

I think Bros family will not be going, his kids have that school thing... I so love not having to worry about that Smile. So my mother will prolly get the hotel and we will get the food, then we will give her a check for whatever of the hotel cost we didn't use on food (there are only three of them, I doubt they will use all 450 on food in the few days we are there)

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