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They are devouring it!

February 21st, 2006 at 10:34 pm

Now normally I have good eaters, they eat what I put in front of them with little to no complaint, but on occasion I find a meal they devour as fast as I can dish it up, well not my husband, he never eats fast no matter how good! Anyway I have to write the recipe down fast so I don't forget it!(I made it up tonight - well based off of other peoples similar dishes, or at least what my taste buds rmember of them)

Parsley Potatoes: Warning-I don't do amounts!

1. Cut up and boil some potatoes (6?)

2. Add veggies when you can poke the potatoes with a fork but before they are done (I used corn, but I hope small green peas or cut up carrots would work too) (3 or 4 cups)

3. Drain then put back in pot with:
- 3/4 stick of butter (salted or not)
- onion powder (some)
- pepper (some)
- parsely (lots)

4. Mix together
-chicken boilion and
-2 cups boiling water (I used the kettle) and
-1 tablespoon cornstarch

5. Add above onto potatoes and vegetables warm up and serve.

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