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I need to move that money!

February 24th, 2006 at 01:57 pm

I know I said this before, but It hasn't moved and I went and splurged! Well we did. I needed eggs to make brownies, so I suggested to DH we go to the store a day early, no big deal, or to much money, except we had to have dinner out before shopping! to the tune of 50$! what was I thinking! I know it is there and I wanted to splurge.

Then we went shopping I dunno how much yet, and we still have to get some things! Really I HAVE got to move that money!

On a plus note it gave me great satisfaction to buy the wipes at a1$ more a box, just because I had no CC debt, and I like unscented better. (why does it cost more to get unscented?)

So do you suppoise walking around carrying a 17lb baby counts as excersise for Thursday? I hope so cause it was all I got!

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