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Reviews as English

February 24th, 2006 at 02:04 pm

I had my first grader review his new Computer game and just today a new CD of his, I think it is helping him with the 'complete sentences' and expressing himself. I put it all up on our website and I want to move it to the BBA website so that I can let other people read it. (I am fanatical about letting people see our real names and address, and such.)

Mainly becaue I want to know if it is reasonable from a first grader! This is such a frugal way to get English practice, and help me remember what is on the computer games in a couple years when my daughter is ready for them.

edit, I did it!

Text is Music review and Link is
Music review
Text is Game review and Link is
Game review

2 Responses to “Reviews as English”

  1. Amy752 Says:

    Wow -- I'm no expert but that seems very impressive for a first grader!

  2. PrincessPerky Says:

    Thanks, I did all the typing though, I should prolly put that in. He dictated I prompted and typed.

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