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February 28th, 2006 at 01:34 pm

So I really want to workout, and get my prepregnancy size back, but....err.... well.... I don't have any church clothes that will fit if I do! I realized this as a I got ready Sunday, I honestly have no smaller skirts for church!

Though on an up note I did find, already, my current skirt was loose, that means one week of halfhearted work is paying off!

I think it may be anti frugal, but when I am down I will buy a new skirt! One that is the proper length. I really don't like mid calf, I feel frumpy, so for church I think long and flowing, but fitted waist. Heh, kindof fun to dream, and I prolly should start looking now, I can be rather picky, so it could take awhile to find something!

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