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50 things you never asked

March 28th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

I was killing time (trapped as a bed for my cranky snotty baby) and came accross this blog

Text is tired but happy and Link is
tired but happy

And I thought it would be interesting to read a similar list of things about the posters here. But I couldn't imagine anyone caring about my list!

But then if I won't do it who would? so heres mine...but 50 is too much how about err whatever I get to before he wakes up?

1. I love to eat cake, quick bread right out of the pan. (doing so right now!)

2. I have been to 3 other countries (France, Italy, Britain)-I hope to take/send all of my kids.

3. I tried vegetarianism as a teen. (I missed steak too much!)

4. I can't compost so I toss the scraps 'over the hill' ( to be eaten by rodents/cats/raccoon)

5. I have no tact. Never learned the art. Makes me feel very nercous in meeting new people who havn't learned to ignore/deal with my inadequacies.

6. Politically I am a libertarian.

7. I am married to a computer geek (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!) but truthfully it took me weeks to warm up to win95, and then all of the sudden I had to learn XP!

8. I scored slighly less than 1200 on my SAT, which is slighly less than my brother, and that part bothered me the most!

9. I hate preschool games (candy land, ect)

10. I love to play with children (ever teach a kid poker err I mean that game?)

11. I haven't really drunk in 4 years! that is a long time for a former lush!

12. I love/need to be alone alot, pretty hard to achieve with 3 kids!

13. I am not an 'AP parent' but...

14. I co sleep most of the night with my baby, and did with each of my other two. (kick em out when they understand 'I'll be back')

15. I also wear a sling but only while walking (and only till my kid can walk on their own)

16. I am an anti-pacifier, breastfeeding, make my own baby food Mamma. (just don't call me AP!)

17. I am not an 'unschooler' but..

18. I have no science/social studies curriculum (library, real world, ect)

19. I can't see any point in insisting all X age kids know the same info...

20. I teach what my kids want to learn when they are ready (check frequently to see) -just don't call me an unschooler!

21. I am a closet ECer, and yes my 4 month old just peed in the potty. (shh don't tell the neighbors!)

5 Responses to “50 things you never asked”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    What part of Britain did you go to?

  2. PrincessPerky Says:

    London, typical highschool field trip (well for a foreign country anyway)

  3. kristina moffitt Says:

    I am not sure what EC means?

  4. PrincessPerky Says:

    It means I ask my infant to pee on demand...often leads to earlier potty training, worked on my DD anyway. But people think you are crazy to even suggest it...more info if you like:
    Text is Ec or IPT and Link is
    Ec or IPT

  5. contrary1 Says:

    I might have to try this.......will think on it awhile, so when I decide to make the entry I don't get to something like #5 and have no more inspiration!

    Fun list! I schooled a bunch of my kiddos the same as you.........I used unschooling to describe us, but it was a term most people had difficulty with. We ended up calling it Student Led Instruction.........bunch of words for the same thing, just staying in touch with what each kid wanted to learn and my only job was to see that the proper tools were available to them. Definately one of the most fun times of my life........

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