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Are you a brat?

May 9th, 2006 at 06:20 pm

I found an interesting website (thru flylady) called

Text is The Brat Factor" and Link is
The Brat Factor"

And it hit me, I wouldn't allow my kids to act the way I do sometimes!

The site tells us to name our brat and apparently play games to get her to behave (or him for the guys). I dunno that I want to do that, but I peeked at an
Text is 'actual progress report' and Link is
'actual progress report' And I realized how many of those phrases I have said.

"I am sick and I need (fill in the blank)"
"It's not fair (fill in blank) gets to do (fill in other blank)"

Good grief I am a brat! I can just see that flying with one of my kids:

Kid: "Mommy, I gotta booboo, I need chocolate"

Me: "No but you can have a kiss, too much chocolate is not good for you"

Kid: "But I want chocolate!"

Me: " I know I like chocoalte too, but it isn't going to help your booboo."

See at no point would I even dream of giving my kid chocolate (or anything else) just cause they were sick! Myself on the other hand I gladly hand over chocolate (pirate MnMs!) along with dinner out, and numerous other wasted money/bad for the health things.

I think my inner brats name might be Lazy!

1 Responses to “Are you a brat?”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I have an inner brat, she's about 3 and likes to stomp her feet alot. Especially when I tell her its time to mow the lawn!

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