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Garden finally in

May 15th, 2006 at 03:10 pm

I hope better late than never applies to gardens, cause I just today put it in!

We put in zuccinni, peppers, carrots, and basil. I hope some of it grows at least.

I am rather proud of myself, I might be late, but I did it..... I think this months challenge to rewrite the inner voice, is really making ithe most effect of all of them. I am getting more done and finding the 'bright side' of life much easier.

4 Responses to “Garden finally in”

  1. fern Says:

    I told SO i don't want to do a veggie garden this year becus he sprayed weed killer poison stuff all over the entire lawn, instead of just certain spots. He wanted to put the garden in the sunny spot where the dismantled wood swing set used to stand, but pressure treated wood leaches arsenic into the ground, so no way. i may try to grow tomatoes out of pots this year.

  2. Princessperky Says:

    Maybe you could do the prep work so next year all you need is plants?

  3. markio26 Says:

    i have not done my container gardening all at once... i started the seedlings last month... transplanted some already.. others are shooting up more... i planted new seedlings today... i am hoping for a late garden and then a later one also... it always feels good to garden... being outside in the fresh air....

  4. Lucas Says:

    Congratulations! You made it!

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