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His jeans don't fit!!!

May 23rd, 2006 at 10:15 pm

That means I am getting smaller! Doubt if anyone remembers a few months ago when I posted they finally did fit, but now I am even thinner! Course I seem to still ahve 'Fat glasses', as DH calls them cause I still think I look just as wide, if it wern't for the holes and I might think someone was switching up the jeans at night just to make me think I am getting thinner! (only 1 inch to go for the proper waistline!)

On other news, I am baking up a storm, we ran out of chocolate, and BOA has to be crazy to think I want to open up a savings account for a whopping .5% interest! I would be losing money if I took it from ING even with the $25 bonus!

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  1. markio26 Says:

    i stopped trying to lose weight, not that i am overweight, but, i could feel better 5 lbs. lighter.. anyway, now i am losing weight.. the only change is i eat fruit twice a day now.
    i love to bake alot of things in my oven together...

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