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May 28th, 2006 at 05:33 pm

We get pool use for our HOA fee, which is about all we get other than living here...

but anyway it opened, and I have to get off the computer to go right now.

Summer for us means lots of swimming, and lots of weird dinners....We like to eat poolside, but with timing and such, no grill options, fridge, microwave, or well anything. We have to pack and keep proper temperature of everything we eat.

tonight it is boring PB no J and carrot sticks and grapes, and lemon water...

On the grocery list for next week is some chicken patties (to heat at home wrap in foil and turn into sandwhiches) Plus some hotdog buns, not the heathiest meal, but not to terrible.

Now I just have to figure out something to eat the other 5 days, at the pool! (kidding, Friday we have company, so that will be at home Smile.)

5 Responses to “cool pool”

  1. tynana Says:

    Same as us. We get pool included in our golf course fees and it just opened today for the first time. Hope we can enjoy it some. We are thinking about moving to a less costly place. Have a great summer.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I am smiling here...I had DH start a fire in the woodsotve this morning because my house hasn't getten over 60 the past two days and Im tired of freezing! Enjoy your 'summer'..... as I am enjoying the last of our winter!!
    Big Grin

  3. nanamom Says:

    If you have a cooler and can keep things relatively "fresh", how about egg salad, yogurt, potato (or macaroni) salad, cold pizza (practice for college!), cold quiche, cold pancakes with jelly or PB & J inbetween, french toast with the same, cottage cheese. My little one likes cold leftovers if it had some sort of pasta in it.

  4. markio26 Says:

    my sister has a pool and on ki we can use the pool at the camp patamos.. and we have 3 beach areas for swimming... i love picnics.

  5. Princessperky Says:

    I hate cold pasta! But egg salad is good, we like that.

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