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free as a habit

July 8th, 2006 at 12:51 pm

Since I am on my new goal of getting free stuff I actually read all the freebies that flash kimmie and others post...and some of them are worth it. I dunno just how useful 8oz of pom juice is, or that I will every buy it, but for 30 seconds of work I guess I may one day find out!

I added 3 minutes of internet time to do 3 freebies.

and I triued mypoints, apparently I did it wrong, there is a referal thing or something but it is too late for that. I am still trying to see how I can get points without buying stuff..cause in general we don't buy much.

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  1. beans6 Says:

    I have been couponing & freebing for along time & it is worth the effort.I have gotten so many great things for my kids.
    The best one this year was a book on quater horses.It said it retailed for 40.00. Also a cd horse game.This month my favorite were the bunco game.It does take a while to see the benefits because there are some duds.

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