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The jig is up!

August 14th, 2006 at 08:56 pm

Well a couple days ago I turned the air to 82 instead of 80, I did it cause DH was complaining of being hot, I know normally you turn it down for that, but see if he was going to have to lug a fan around the house he might as well have a reason for it! That and I had been waking up each morning looking for a sheet due to cold, I figue my body was adjusting.

I turned it up two degrees, figuring if I was too hot I could turn it down one and still save a bit.

He finally complained yesterday cause the AC blasted hot air on did that cause it had been off for 2 days, the hot air in the ductwork was comming out first! So for the better part of a week t was up, and he decided to leave it there, I have such a patient husband Smile.

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