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manic depressive cleaning

August 22nd, 2006 at 05:27 pm

Today was a manic cleaning spree..lots of work done, lots of 'spring clenaing' (nevermind the season!) I found lots of spare toys that always get lost at the back edge of under a bed Smile and managed to clear up some things..unfortunatly in all that I got nothing done on the website....I think avoiding things gets more houseworkd odne thatn anything! Fortunatly since most of my cleaning is the depressinve, barely enough, I always need the manic phase Smile

However on a good note, we are not going shopping today..(grocery)

1 Responses to “manic depressive cleaning”

  1. Meredith Says:

    This sounds like a 27 fling boogie! lol Power to Flylady! FLY FLY FLY =)

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