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More work for DH

August 26th, 2006 at 04:05 pm

Well I am getting the hang of putting stuff up, but everything I do makes more work for my husband..the poor guy has no time to do everything..

He still hasn't shown me how to put a pdf up and link to it so people can download..and half the games are pdfs...

Not that I don't have things I could cut out, tonight is games, the afternoon is remote control cars (expensive startup but cheap to maintain..and the startup was prekids!)

But I am realizing that webdevelopment is not all it is cracked up to be! I like my job, taking care of kids and teaching...I would hate to be a full time webdeveloper!

The moral is I need to help my children find out what they want to do, and help them test it, GMC loved putting together his own site one page..cute ..but I did all the computer work still) but before I let him get to be 18 heading off for a carreer at it, I want to let him try his hand at all the work! I think most jobs have oportunities to 'test them' and I think kids should get more chances to do so..

Course since GMC said he wants to be a firefighter..I am not sure how to let him test that one out, but I can start by taking him to the local VFD..I am sure any firefighter would love to gush over it for a bit(I heard enough when my mother wa in it..and I have NO interest!)

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