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Why I don't wash baggies

August 28th, 2006 at 06:04 pm

I never use 'em!..well not never, but hardly ever.

As I was packaging up the boatload of baking I did last week, I realized I had no spare bread bags....I hemmed and hawed and tried to shove the four round loaves in a plastic container.....but in the end I had no choice, I had to go with a gallon ziplock..the first one I used in over two months!

I pack my mini muffins for sunday school in old yogurt containers (the big ones) I pack the big muffins in plastic, I pakc sandwhiches to go in a n old bread bag..the one the bread came out of..then I use the bag for the garbage. I pack most leftovers in plastic. lunches the same....I havn't used a sandwhich sized bag in oh a year..I havn't used the large ziplocks for anything other than non returnable food gifts!

Now I do have a foil problem, min loaves of bread as gifts do get wrapped in foil....fortunatly I am not that generous with my Id on't go thru that much!

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