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100 ways to save in a day

August 29th, 2006 at 01:02 pm

I have a problem with exaggeration, when I was a kid, I had to do a 'bazillion chores' I had a 'gazillion' books to pick up. I seriously had a problem. I now have to tell my kids a 'bazillion' times a day not to argue.

So of course I try (key word, 'try') to be conservative when it goes in print, or 'in screen anyway'.

100 is pretty conservative compared to bazillion anyway. I said I save money in 100 small ways a day. Now to find out how bad I exaggerated! I wont get it all today, I do need to go bake more and

1. AC on at 82
2. Jammies from DHs high school castoffs (that would be ancient, cause he is old Smile.)
3. Soap foamer in the bathroom (while I don't waste that much soap, the two kids would!)
4. Water with breakfast...healthy and cheap (filter not bottled)
5. Homemade muffin for breakfast (not a pop tart!)
6. Computer was off all night.
7. Computer and internet are on power strips that were shut off, no phantom load (off is not all the way off, unless you do that)
8. Wait on shower till after I mow the lawn. Gonna need another after anyway
9. Speaking of mowing the lawn, I will be doing it myself.
10. While out I will check on my free trees. (gift from mother nature)
11. Also my free basil, and free lily (gifts from friend)
12. Leftovers for lunch
13. Kids playing with hand me down duplos (wonderful toys, but man they can be expensive!)
14. All three kids in hand me down Pajamas
15. Baking soda n water concoction on my poison ivy. It works!
16. Took baby to potty, not perfect, but saves a couple diapers a day
17. Speaking of the diaper it is cheap, bought in bulk. Sorry I couldnít do cloth all the time, working on it.
18. grocery day, been a week, buying no premade, convenience foods. (The list: bananas
chonk o cheese
sugar white
sugar brown
garbanzo beans - find in 5 minutes or skip - can or two
tomato sauce
milk X 5 - we have company coming
try for meat under 2$ lb for the chili. no big if not
spag cheese - literally cut and pasted from husbands email)
19. Plans to bake from scratch muffins for Sunday school (then freeze em)
20. Plans to bake more sourdough bread (no I donít make all the whole wheat, maybe later)

Ok Iíll put more up later. But so far we arenít half way thru the day, I might not hit 100, but I will prolly come close.

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