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100 ways to save take two..

August 30th, 2006 at 04:44 pm

I typed like 15, then I lost it, (purely my own stupidity) now I am going to attempt at least 10 but I have to go clean for company. ANd I promptly forgot half of what I alredy typed, sigh, 'If I only had a brain'

Text is link to first 20 and Link is
link to first 20

21. sleep together to share warmth
22. shower together to save on water (for kids or adults..umm but you aren't saving if you take more than twice as long to finish...)
23. line dry a load or two, or more.
24. use cleaning rags, not paper towels, pretend you are out of paper towels,a nd MIL is visiting, bet you can manage to survive without em! (wash rags in hot IMO though)
25. Use cleaning rags not reusable toilet scrubbers..or at least a toilet brush..though I can't stand the idea of a germy brush in my bathroom..I bought the wand kind and now I use the wand with a rag..toss or bleach after.
26. use backs of paper to make lists, color, or do math.
27. use or one of many free sites online insted of buying the pay for my name brand
28. use the same books to teach both kids to read, use backs of paper for the writing don't actually need a billion worksheets.
29. read library books, if yours doesn't carry young readers ask them to get some! donate what you finish to get them started.
30. speaking of ask, many gardeners do not share cause they don't think anyone will want their stuff..ask, politly, and be open minded about what you get.

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  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    The Starfall site is really cute! I forwarded the link to my daughters for the grandbabies (and my oldest is teaching preschool for the winter!) Thanks for the tips!!!!

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