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I don't care just get it!

September 21st, 2006 at 02:08 pm

Uh Oh that is a bad sign, when I say that to my husband I am totally cranky and not concerned about budget at all.

It wasn't a huge expense (A&D ointment for my excema) but still that thought is a dangerous one. I should care, I might still get it, but I should care that it is expensive, and over budget.

I also turned the air on for company (the ILs..) And I was making a cgrocery list, My wonderful husband left the coupons (yes we actually have a couple we are going to use!) and well....I was thinking 'who cares' I care, I should talk him into waiting till tomorrow (BTW I was wrong on my count, I was blinded by no chocolate for so long, today is day 8, not yesterday).

So I need to decrankify, and start caring about purchases least a little.

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