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To Do list

September 22nd, 2006 at 04:15 pm

My origional was:
1.send more stuff to HTML guy (heh, and he thought he was almost done with me!)

2. learn more flash

3. get email out and do so weekly

4. convert more pub to give to html guy Smile

So far I did 1, and 3. Then I realized my computer crashed, so I need to take care of that before doing 4, and I ra into a snafu on flash, which stumped me there.

I also have to add to my list:

5. check out feasability of ads.
6. write up dot-to-dot
7. finish the alphabet for the BBA page
8. get stuff ready for next weeks email (I did get a better system for logging all the people who signed up)

Oh and I learned something today, I learned that 'bots', from search engines came to my site! ok so it is silly, but cool to know, google looked at my site...

oh and that todo list, is only for the site, I also have to bake, pack, plan, clean, and err yeah..I like the site list, it is shorter!

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