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no preservatives, no cook, no mess, healthy breakfast?

September 26th, 2006 at 05:13 pm

Anyone know of one?

For breakfast we normally eat english muffins or oatmeal. Niether of which work well in a hotel.

I do not want to buy one (both due to cost and time) but I also do not want to have to do cheereos, which don't fill you up for long (all carbs, and no matter what they say not enough complex ones at that)

I have been racking my brain for weeks now and nothing is comming up except pb sandwhiches..and if we use them for breakfast what will we pack for lunch?

Sigh, travel had better be worth it!

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  1. kashi Says:


  2. LdyFaile Says:

    Oatmeal is actually not that hard to do in a hotel room. Does require purchasing instant packets, and plastic bowls/spoons but if there's a microwave or coffee pot in the room then hot water is easy to come by. When the last room I had didn't even have microwave or coffee pot, we just got hot water from the 'continental breakfast' buffett and took it back to the room. It worked fairly well.

    Apples and peanut butter is good too.

  3. mountainmist Says:

    Oatmeal would work just fine in a hotel.

    I'd purchase one of those tiny hot pots in which to boil the water, and I'd get a wide-mouthed thermos.

    I do NOT have the correct recipe, but I've read all about cooking it overnight in a thermos. It goes something like this....

    The night before, before going to bed:

    Boil the water, pour into the wide-mouthed thermos, BRIEFLY, to warm the thermos - return water quickly to the hotpot and bring back to a boil.

    Open the packet of instant oatmeal, a tiny package of raisons, and put in the thermos; pour in the boiling water and stir well.

    Put the cover on the thermos, seal well.

    Next morning it should be the right temp & consistency to eat.

    It seems like in a hotel it would be simple to locate small cartons of milk and sugar packets.

    And when you finish eating, simply fill the thermos with water, and wash it out well that evening before you prepare the following morning's breakfast.

    This is also supposed to work well with instant Cream of Wheat, instant Malto-Meal, etc.

    Try doing a websearch on something like "thermos cookery" or disaster preparedness - there's quite a bit of info about it online.

    If you decide to do fruit for breakfast - I'd suggest a banana and a bowl of peanuts in the shell, MAYBE that would provide enough energy until lunch.

  4. princessperky Says:

    huh, weird, never heard of it...I don't have a thermous though, but if hot water works on the boil instant packets we could do that if htere is a continental breakfast or coffee pot, gotta look into that, thanks!

    fruit btw is too sugary to last long, though I usually add it to whatever we cook.

  5. flash Says:

    If you have a Safeway brand store nearby, many of them are offering free packets of the new oatmeal, and I think it's instant. It's Quaker. Ours were at the pharmacy counter, and they gave us several to try...just add hot water from the coffee pot in the room (call or email them first to make sure they have one).

    Some hotels offer continental or simple buffet breakfast in their lobby area. Again, check the website or email and ask. They won't think it's an odd question, business travelers are always asking what's in the room and what's available for breakfast.

  6. flash Says:

    Also, consider granola bars, muffins that can be eaten cold, Zoe's has the free sample box of granola bars and little bags of granola and their version of healthy cheerios, having a home school may or may not qualify you to receive it. And you can bring packets of hot cocoa, instant breakfast, etc.

  7. princessperky Says:

    DUH! instasnt breakfast! I wont feed that to my kids, but Icertainly can drink it! and I even hae some! THanks, I am still checking on the coffee pot (for boiling water) and I tried the Zoe thing, prolly wont come in time, but hey they might accept the website as a buisness...

    Anyway, thanks for the extra ideas!

  8. kashi Says:

    Fruit doesn't last long? An apple (lots of fiber) with peanut butter (lots of protein) does the trick for me! Oatmeal will definitely last longer, though, of course.

  9. princessperky Says:

    Dohl!now when you say fruit I think of blueberries or strawberries or a banana, I didn't think of apple with PB!

    though thinking more on it, tsaking a peeler, and aknife..not so easy even if I do not have to fly...and yes I would have to cut and peel it, for the 11 month old if not hte 2 year old Smile
    thanks for mentioning it though, i can use it in PA, I will have access to a kitchen with knives (though I will not be cooking! not after blowing up the oven last trip!)

  10. baselle Says:

    Not sure about what your kids will eat, but I usually do the clif bar or the odwalla bar for breakfast.

  11. LuckyRobin Says:

    We have a little machine, the Krups Egg Express (, that you can hard, medium, or soft boil or poach eggs in. It's about the size of a teapot. We always take it with us on vacation. Also, there is no reason why you can't pack your toaster and have peanut butter toast. We always take a cooler with us and refill it with ice at the hotel and we keep cheese in that. We've been known to make our own egg muffins with cheese. Most hotels have a fridge (some travelers have to keep things like insulin cold) and sometimes a microwave available upon request for a small fee. The small fee is usually much less than eating out.

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