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September 27th, 2006 at 03:04 pm

Trying on winter clothes...

Normally winter kind of creeps in, One morning you need a sweat shirt So you dig it up, but by lunch you are glad of shorts. Another night you think, warmer PJS are in order...So you grab a pair, but the next night you need cool barely there stuff.

Anyway, by the end of october you might have all the winter stuff, and to make life easier ont he kids I get rid of the shorts (nothing like being asked every it warm enough for shorts? when it is 65 degrees, but you know it will be 75 by bed....

Well, next week we are going to DC, and then on to PA..I hear they need coats in PA lately..I don't havea friend in DC to check with, but I am guessing shorts are not in season!

So this morning I dug up all the 'will grow into' that was wintery (but not to fridged) and tried it on, ok J and G tried it on, U I kinda guessed..hope I am right. I found a few gaps in style, but I am not buying stuff for one vacation, G will just have to suffer with no PJ pants....J has no warm 'dressy' long skirts, or tights, but for one day (sunday will be church in PA) I think she will live..I'll hold her in a blanket from the car to the church if I ahve to (though we will need tights eventually here in NC)

Hmm phooey, there was one other reason I was thinking of going to a store besides the tights...if I can't remember it, I guess I don't have to go and spend money Smile

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