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EC and diaper ideas, and complaints

September 28th, 2006 at 03:57 pm

The worst part of PTing a kid (regardless of method, or least between traditional for oldest and EC for middle and current) is the phase where they pee on demand, yet will pee agian 5 minutes later! and of course will also follow that up by refusing to pee when asked or not at all for hours on end!

GRRRRRR! that is where Ue is. He will wake up at night mad because he has to pee, but yet if you take him he may not pee, if he does he will go back to sleep for awhile thankfully, if he doesn't I am in for a bad night till he decides to (in a potty or a diaper).

And during the day he will pester me, fussing, I run thru the list,'nurse?, potty? Diaper? Sometimes he nurses regardless (and yes I am trying to stop that!) sometimes he heads to the potty. when he does I think way cool and figure I am off the hook for a bit, but like 10 minutes later he will come up with a wet diaper! grrrrrrr!

On another note, he can take off the cloth diapers..which is a bit risky seeing as he is still learning..Though he is nicer about laying down for a a diaper..
We bought some 'pull ups' huggies brand..not what we used on my DD, the very first one ripped as we put it on him! not what I need in a diaper!

I tried a fuzzy cover, to see if it would hold the pee (not really), the diaper doesn't stay inside unless you pin it and he plays with the pins, grrrr. I was debating on trying to stich a diaper into a rough underware state, and use it under the cover..tried just a diaper before he started messsing with the pins, doesn't contain enough pee to save my carpet.

And I was debating on going the easy route and getting 'training pants' (thick underware) and using the fuzzy cover over that....but that would be money spent.

Oh and I remembered what else I think I need for for UE..he will be doing more outside walking htere, and I don't want his feet cut up by the rough concrete....kid has been walking for two months almost and I still haven't gotten him shoes!

3 Responses to “EC and diaper ideas, and complaints”

  1. reginaastralis Says:

    We're starting to potty train as well over here too! It's a terrifying time, isn't it.

    With diapers, she doesn't tell me until AFTER she's gone. She'll take off the dirty diaper and yell EEWW! But that's it.

    With the pullups, she isn't interested. I tried to explain to her that "Ooo look, if you go peepee, the roses go away. Let's not go peepee in these big girl pants, or we won't have the pretty roses.

    I'm tempted to get the training pants as well. I have to talk to her daycare, I think they allow these. I think it's either this route or the pullups that get cold when they go pee in them.

    Aren't kids cute!

  2. princessperky Says:

    At least she tells you after, that is step one anyway!

    My oldest was a more traditional age, and it took awhile for him to care. I think I pulled every trick in the book! Nothing worked till I put him in underware...(which is why I EC! worked on my daughter anyway)

    If the daycare will not allow the training pants (with a cover) try doing it at home for a time, might take longer and all, but at least it is a start.

  3. nanamom Says:

    Fair warning on training pants in a day care. I use dto work in one and we were not allowed to rinse, just put pants and what ever was in them in a bag... YUCK really yuck by the time a child is picked up! I'd check with the day care on their policy there. I used training pants, but i think what really worked is the the reward for staying dry. Could be anything form clapping to a marshmellow or whatever treat is super in their eyes, maybe a sticker?

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