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learning more mmx flash

September 28th, 2006 at 06:23 pm

I made a bird! I got the idea that an online flash 'how to draw' would be cool. I have some paper versions that the kids love to follow and I thought a computer would make it real simple....I thought wrong!

Here is what I made after well, really not to terribly long:

But the trouble isn't worth copying! Who would want to learn to draw that! Ah well. I think I have an idea how to break it down into steps, but I need an actual artist to draw the bird..not me!

And yes, all that was me avoiding buttons, I still can't get them to work, so I keep assuaging (is that the word?) my ego by learning something else.

3 Responses to “learning more mmx flash”

  1. sarah Says:

    I like the bird. Its better than I could ever do on a computer

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yeah, I don't think it's that bad.

    If you're serious about bringing your illustrations to the web, may I recommend in investing a cheap flatbed scanner? That way, you can just draw it out with pencil and paper, then scan it into an image!

    Honestly, a low-end model should suffice, and they start around $50. Many highly skilled amateur artists and some professionals take this route.

  3. princessperky Says:

    Good heavens NO! I am not an artist! I just copy stuff, and the online bird is better than the pencil one Smile
    But glad you liked it.

    Though since you mentioned it, I have a scanner.....maybe if I scan a picture...err nevermind, take a digital picture of a bird, then 'copy over' with MMx..that would give me a 'real outline' though I would simplify it...Thanks for the idea!

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